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The Pacific region is that place no one knows and you can't miss the opportunity to discover. It is the most precious jewel of Colombia, hidden and forgotten...

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Buenaventura is currently one of the most important tourist destinations of the pacific region, for those who want to make eco-friendly activities.

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Bahía Málaga – Ladrilleros

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The Parque Nacional Natural Uramba – Bahía Málaga represents the most beautiful union between the jungle and the sea. In this destination you can connect with nature while enjoying the beaches of brick kiln workers bathed by the warm waters of the pacific

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Travel to the Colombian Pacific and discover countless natural beauties that you should know. Dare to live the adventure of the Pacific and discover our destinations.

In this video we show you some of the beauties that this paradise hides.

Somos la primera opción de viajes al Valle del Cauca, ya que somos propietarios de los hoteles y los medios de transportes con los que trabajamos.

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Gorgona Island

Interesting facts about the island

Island of Pirates

In the 17th and 18th centuries it was a refuge for pirates.


Gorgona, its name, was granted by Francisco Pizarro who, while waiting for provisions to continue with his expedition, saw how half of his men were attacked by snakes from the island. In Greek mythology, "The Gorgons" were snake-haired monsters.

Marine Corridor

It is part of the “Tropical Eastern Pacific Marine Corridor” [along with SFF Malpelo, Galapagos NP (Ecuador), Los Cocos (Costa Rica) and Coiba (Panama)].


In 2014, it suffered an attack in the context of the Armed Conflict in Colombia, which led to the closure of the Isla Gorgona National Natural Park for two years.

It seems that we are telling you about a Hollywood movie. But NO, Gorgona Island, fortunately for Colombians, is a magical box of stories that has managed to survive its own. 

You deserve to live an adventure this place!

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Destino Pacífico is a travel agency focused on tourism in the Colombian Pacific. We have tourist plans to the best destinations in the area. Learn about our eco-tourism plans where you will discover the magical biodiversity of the Pacific. 


Travel to the Colombian Pacific, and live with us the best experience in tourism.

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